Re-elections for six Malacca PKR divisions will involve 1,592 members

MALACCA: The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) re-election process for six divisions in the state tomorrow will involve a total of 1,592 voters.

According to a statement from the state PKR central election committee (JPP) today, the Tangga Batu division would have the highest number of voters with 638 people followed by Jasin division with 412 members.

Meanwhile, Masjid Tanah division has 232 people, Kota Malacca (180), Hang Tuah Jaya (66) and Alor Gajah (64).

“The re-elections process will be held at five polling centres (as Masjid Tanah and Alor Gajah divisions are using the same polling centre) with the voting period from 10am to 5pm except at Hang Tuah Jaya division from 10am to 2pm,” the statement said.

The re-elections process for the Masjid Tanah and Alor Gajah divisions will be held at the Japerun Lendu Complex; while Kota Malacca division at Japerun Duyung hall; Hang Tuah Jaya at Malacca PKR office in Bukit Piatu; Jasin at Alamanda MPJ hall; and Tangga Batu division will be held at the Japerun Sungai Udang hall.

Previously, JPP chairman Datuk Rashid Din was reported to have said its panel had discussed and decided the re-election process, including at six divisions in Malacca, would be held due to missing voters' data, technical problems and telecommunication disturbances.

The re-elections process at the six divisions only for party members who turned up to vote on Oct 20. — Bernama

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