Police reports lodged over abuse of funds at HRDF

KUALA LUMPUR: A couple of police reports have been lodged involving the abuse of funds at the Human Resources Consolidated Fund (HRDF).

Human Resources minister M. Kulasegaran said that the reports were lodged last week after investigations showed that funds amounting to a few millions were used to purchase properties, with extra bonuses or payments made to a few employees.

“There are some wrongs that have taken place. We have lodged police reports, we cannot divulge details because it would be defamatory. Let the authorities investigate,” he told the media after a town hall session with employer associations and registered employers at the HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur today.

He added that both civil and criminal action will be taken after the details were revealed by the HRDF's Governance Oversight Committee report.

“This report will be made public to be transparent to everyone,” he said.

Kulasegaran said the report showed that there were funds abused for the personal benefit of a few people.

When asked if these people were still working, the minister said some were while some have since resigned or retired.

In June this year there was a slew of resignations at HRDF following allegations of misappropriation of RM300 million in funds which smeared HRDF's reputation.

As a result, three HRDF board directors who were involved in training projects tendered their resignations on June 11.

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