PKR polls: Azmin ahead of Rafizi in Baram and Lawas  

Datuk Seri Azmin Ali

MIRI: Rafizi Ramli is leading in the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) elections in Miri, Sibuti and Limbang, whilst Datuk Seri Azmin Ali sees encouraging support in Baram and Lawas.

According to a local PKR official, Rafizi received 63 votes in Miri over Azmin’s 61, 42 in Sibuti (over Azmin’s 15) and 132 in Limbang (over Azmin’s 40).

Azmin, on the other hand, had 100 votes in Baram over Rafizi’s 97, and 298 in Lawas (over Rafizi’s 79). Both are PKR deputy-presidential candidates at national level.

Meanwhile, the Miri polls yesterday witnessed Bolhan Salihi amassing 101 votes to defeat Wesley Ancho Mering and Christina Rimbor Kelit in the race for the deputy chairman’s post.

Miri MP Dr Michael Teo retained his PKR Miri chairmanship uncontested.

Churchill Chukan’s 86 votes won over incumbent Ricky Bakir’s 66 votes to become the branch’s vice-chairman.

Additionally, Korina Mang was elected Miri PKR Women chief over Christina Rimbor Kelit.

In Baram, Roland Egan retained his chairmanship uncontested.

For the deputy chairman’s post, Boyce Ngau Anyi defeated Paul Baya with 122 votes over 114, while Catherine Jok Uvang polled 129 votes to beat Elias Lipi Mat – both vying for PKR Baram vice-chairman’s post.

There are 1,707 PKR voters in Miri, 2,638 in Baram, 340 in Sibuti, and 1,515 in both Limbang and Lawas.

Even so, the voting rate in Miri was rather low as only 250 of the 1,707 PKR members had cast their vote.

In Sibuti, 97 out of 340 PKR members cast the ballots – 26 of which were counted as ‘doubtful votes’. This branch only voted for national candidates – the branch line-up remained the same.

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