Giant dinosaur bones get archaeologists rethinking Triassic period

Giant dinosaurs lived on Earth much earlier than previously thought, according to a team of excavators in Argentina who discovered the remains of a 200-million-year old species. The species, baptized Ingenia prima, was about three times the size of the largest Triassic dinosaurs from its era. It was discovered in the Balde de Leyes dig […]

Electricity potential answer to the mystery of ‘flying’ spiders

  WASHINGTON: Cloudy with a chance of… spiders? The phenomenon of “flying” spiders gliding into the air and traveling like balloons for hundreds of miles (kilometers) has a new possible explanation: the air’s natural electric charge. Aerial spider journeys — often known as “ballooning” — have long been observed, notably by biologist Charles Darwin, who […]

Scientists create embryos, hope to save near-extinct rhino

Months after the death of Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, scientists said Wednesday they have grown embryos containing DNA of his kind, hoping to save the subspecies from extinction. With only two northern white rhino (NWR) known to be alive today — both infertile females — the team hopes their breakthrough technique […]