Book review: The Boy Who Saw

This is the second book from Simon Toyne’s Solomon Creed series, which has a mysterious hero with an albino-like appearance, and almost supernatural-like abilities.

The book begins with our hero, who still has no clue as to who he is – except for his name, Solomon – travelling to France after the events of the first book, The Searcher.

Solomon is searching for a tailor called Josef Engel, only to discover that he is too late, as Josef has only recently been tortured and killed.

He discovers that Josef’s granddaughter Marie-Claude and her young son Leo are in danger from those seeking a list that Josef has hidden, with clues left behind for Marie-Claude to find after his death.

The boy Leo also has the ability to see a person’s true nature from the ‘colours’ the person emanates.

Solomon not only has to contend with the police who think he is a suspect in Josef’s murder, but also a secret organisation hellbent on finding the list, using any means necessary.

There are also more revelations in this book as to who Solomon might really be.

Toyne once again weaves a compelling tale, this time adding the growing political and social tension in France as a backdrop to drive the story.