Warner Bros. plans $100 mln cable car to Hollywood sign

Warner Bros. has announced plans for a $100 million cable car to take tourists from its studio lot to the iconic Hollywood sign, an area increasingly choked by tourist traffic. The company, one of Tinseltown’s “Big Six” film distributors, told city officials on Monday it would put up the entire funding for the “Hollywood Skyway.” […]

Passing the baton: Chinese conductors seek global fame

Jing Huan twirls her conductor’s baton nervously in the wings while the brass and string sections of China’s Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra tune their instruments. Aged 36, Jing is part of a new breed of foreign-trained conductors, as China hopes to gain recognition in the field after winning global fame for its soloists, including piano and […]

Japan’s oracle octopus turned into sashimi

  SAMARA, Russia: An octopus who successfully predicted all of Japan’s World Cup group stage matches has been killed and turned into sashimi, according to local media reports. The mollusc, named Rabio, chose the winners of Japan’s matches during an experiment in a paddling pool. Despite gaining national attention for its success, however, the fisherman […]

Lithuanians seek identity in their pagan roots

    VILNIUS: Dancing around a blazing fire with garlands of wildflowers in their hair, members of Lithuania’s Romuva neo-pagan community mark the summer solstice, as the Baltic state undergoes a revival of its pre-Christian beliefs. Skipping to the steady beat of drums, other singing revellers at the feast, known locally as Rasa, pass under an […]

Chasing dinosaurs in Myanmar’s conflict-ridden north

MYITKYINA, Myanmar: “Amber hunters” on a quest for a Jurassic Park-style discovery of dinosaur remains sift through mounds of the precious resin in Myanmar — a lucrative trade that captivates palaeontologists but also fuels a decades-long conflict in the far north. The morning amber market on the outskirts of Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state, […]

Ritual sacrifice draws crowds to Indonesia volcano

Thousands of locals and tourists climbed Mount Bromo early Sunday for a lavish religious ceremony that involves throwing ritual offerings into the smouldering crater of an active volcano in Indonesia’s tribal hinterlands. Each year people from the Tengger tribe gather from the surrounding highlands to cast fruit, vegetables, flowers, and even livestock such as goats […]