Fresh Prince Of The Government: Will Smith Reveals Whether Or Not He’d Run For President, Could Dave Chapelle Be His Running Mate? 

Will Smith Reveals Whether Or Not He Plans To Run For President In 2020

The state of the nation is so depressing these days that folks are looking to just any celebrity to replace the current President. After leaving an

What The Hell?! Jet Airways Passengers’ Ears And Noses Bleed After Pilot “Forgot” To Turn On Cabin Pressure

Airplane Passengers Suffer Injuries From Pilot Mistake

Some very unlucky passengers on a flight recently began bleeding from their noses and ears when a pilot “forgot” to flick a switch regulating cabin pressure, according to reports.

Jet Airways Flight 9W

You Thought: Prosecutors Want Bill Cosby Locked Up Immediately After Sentencing While His Lawyers Scramble To Stall The Courts

Prosecutors Want Bill Cosby Locked Up Immediately After Sentencing; His Legal Team Wants More Time

According to TMZ  prosecutors want the legendary comedian/actor locked up immediately after his sentencing next week. After getting wind that Cosby’s legal team plans on

Jesus Take The EBT: Strip Club Shut Down After Being Busted For Trading Drugs And Lap Dances For Food Stamps

Strip Club Shut Down After Undercover Cops Found Drugs And Lap Dances Being Traded For Food Stamps

The Ohio Liquor Control Commission revoked the liquor permit of a strip club called Sharkey’s Bar, after undercover investigators used food stamps in

Sexists, Pervs And Racists: Luenell BLASTS Lionsgate For Slighting Her, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Tiffany Haddish And Nick Cannon

Luenell Gives Her Take On What’s REALLY Wrong With Black Comedy

Comedy veteran Luenell is giving her take in this comedy beef, and she wants everyone to know their true enemy!

Recently, things got intense when Kevin Hart went