Only JPP officers have access to ‘hacked’ tablets, says Zuraida

PETALING JAYA: If the tablets used for the PKR elections had really been hacked over the weekend, it could only have been by its own central election committee (JPP), PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin (pix) said.

She said the JPP should take full responsibility for what she alleged could be an inside job that happened in the Julau division election, as access to the tablets and system used could only be done by its own (JPP) members.

Zuraida, who is contesting for the vice-presidency in the ongoing polls, said it was incumbent of the election committee to reveal the log files for the tablets that were said to be compromised.

“(JPP chairman) Datuk Rashid Din claimed that the system was hacked and if this really happened, of course it was with the knowledge of the JPP officers, as only they have access to the system.

“The password entry data in the system's log file would also have been recorded. So Rashid must reveal the information in these log files immediately, to stop all speculations and accusations regarding the matter.

“Reveal who was the one who compromised the tablets. All this can be found in the tablet's log files,” she said in a statement late last night.

Zuraida was commenting on the PKR election for the Julau division which was suspended on Saturday evening after deputy president candidate Rafizi Ramli claimed the tablets used for the e-voting was hacked by an app known as “Prey”, which he said was a malware.

Rashid had also claimed that the app was used to delete the e-voting system, steal data, and control the tablets from a remote computer.

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A check on Prey's website reveal that the app brands itself as an anti-theft software that allows users to track their devices, wipe data and manage tasks on all its devices simultaneously.

Zuraida suggested that the Prey app was not a malware as claimed by Rafizi, but merely an application to protect the data in the tablets in the event they get stolen or go missing.

“Rafizi is actually confused and does not understand the functions of this anti-theft app. His accusation that it was a cyber attack and that the election system was hacked is a baseless accusation,” she said.