She Can … period

KOTEX, a brand that has stood the test of time, launched the Kotex #SheCan Fund, beginning with a series of talks via the Kotex #SheCan Inspire Talk.

The idea of the fund, amounting an annual sum of RM100,000, was born from the brand promise – “to champion women's progress, bust female stereotypes, and inspire young women that 'Period or not, She Can'”. It was also established to provide deserving Malaysian women with a platform to pursue their passion and achieve their full potential, turning ambition into reality, at the same time empower women and pave the way for future women trailblazers.

All the above were founded on the basis of women, across the world, who feel undermined by gender stereotypes, biased expectations, and limitations society imposes on them, not forgetting outdated perceptions and misconceptions pertaining myths and worries about their menses which hold them back and affect their confidence, self-esteem and drive.

“As market leader, Kotex, is committed to removing barriers to women's progress and strives to make women confident that, period or not, she can do incredible things,” said Cheok Yen Kwan, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC Marketing, Kimberly-Clark.

The public are urged to support the Kotex #SheCan movement, where the brand's three ambassadors – 27-year-old hijab-wearing motorcycle racing champ Siti Fatimah Husna; 19-year-old veterinary nurse and student, plus international mixed martial arts fighter Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan; and founder and CEO of Christy Ng Shoes whom at 29, from selling shoes in night markets has set up six stores in two years – will share their experiences across a series of inspirational talks.

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Joining these ladies was Youth Ambassador of National Cancer Society Malaysia and colorectal cancer survivor Dr Choo Mei Sze, who delivered an inspirational sharing at the launch at Universiti Teknologi Mara.

“While these women are varied in their life experiences, they all show a strong, unyielding sense of courage, determination, passion and grit that embodies the spirit of the Kotex #SheCan movement … they serve to inspire other young women that they, too, can achieve whatever they set their hearts on.

Through the #SheCan Fund, we hope to not only help women realise their dreams but also enrich their lives and the ones around them,” added Cheok.

Talks will be held at universities across Peninsular Malaysia until November. Applications for the Kotex #SheCan Fund is also open. For more details logo on to

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