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LIFELONG learning is imperative for career growth and success. It equips one with the required knowledge and skills the industry requires. At Wawasan Open University (WOU), adult learners are able to do just that, studying while they work.

Spurred by a goal to elevate himself professionally, 21-year-old Louis Ong (pix) has taken advantage of WOU’s part-time, open distance learning (ODL) programmes. Having completed a Diploma in Electronic Engineering, he started working as an assistant engineer at n Johor, developing mobile applications for ground control station drones, as well as web applications for flight management systems devices.

Ong decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Mechatronics (BTME) programme as he felt it could launch his career and “broaden my horizons and understanding about the algorithms that are powering up machines”. He aims to further develop his mathematical skills at WOU, especially those applicable in the real world.

“I am all for self-enrichment where one has to have focus and the ability to keep learning because technology is changing dramatically today,” said Ong. His reason to study at WOU? “Because its course structure is flexible”, where he only needs to travel once or twice a month to attend tutorials in Penang.

“I am able to learn from anywhere as WOU provides the online Learning Management System for students, where all the contents of the programme structure are available .”

WOU, through the School of Science and Technology (SST), offers undergraduate degree programmes in software engineering, electronics, mechatronics, computer systems & networks, multimedia systems, telecommunications and construction management.

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Bachelor degree programmes in management, education, banking & finance, sales & marketing, accounting, human resource management, psychology, logistics & supply chain management, liberal studies are also available.

For the September ODL intake, WOU offers an attractive deal for new students – RM1,650 for the first year (terms and conditions apply).

Enrolment for the September 2018 ODL intake is open. Log on to or visit the WOU main campus or its regional/support centres nationwide for details.



Pix 1: Louis Ong (

Pix 2: A WOU staff attends to queries at the Penang main campus.

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