Movie review: Langsuir

THIS movie has so much potential to be a touching love story.

Unfortunately, the entire cast failed to deliver convincing performances.

Some overacted, while others underacted.

I understand that these are young faces in the industry, and for many of them, this is their first feature film.

But their inexperience is no excuse for putting on a bad performance.

Director Osman Ali has never failed to bring out the best from his cast in his previous films, but this time around, he has failed miserably.

The story is about the forbidden love between Azlan (Syafiq Kyle) and Suri (Hannah Delisha), a langsuir which inhabits a haunted island.

A langsuir is a creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men and later drink their blood.

When Azlan first meets Suri, he falls deeply in love with the beautiful girl.

Even when he discovers her true nature, he still refuses to give her up.

In order to save Azlan, his friends decide to put a nail in her head which is one way to stop Suri from turning back into a langsuir.

However, Suri's sister Dewi (Julia Farhana Marin) is so infuriated when she discovers what the boys have done, that she starts tormenting Azlan and his friends.

And the only thing that stands in Dewi's way is Suri.

Disregarding the bad acting, the highlight of this film has to be the beautiful location shots that will take your breath away.

The 98-minute romantic horror film was shot at several scenic spots in Langkawi, such as Gua Langsir, Gua Tembus, Pantai Talam Dua Muka, and Teluk Datai.

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Perhaps director Osman was so enamoured by the beautiful locations that he forgot that the key element of a beautiful film is a beautiful performance from the cast.

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