Thicker Than A Dairy Queen Blizzard: Watch Doja Cat (And Her Thighs) Perform “Mooo!” Live [Video]

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Doja Cats Displays Thickness In First Live Performance of “Mooo!”

Remember when folks were noticing that viral singer Doja Cat was thicker than racial tension in the 60’s???? Well a full video of her performing just surfaced, confirming she is indeed deliciously bursting through the seems. Doja Cat stopped by a quaint performance space in San Antonio and let off her hit “Mooo!” for the crowd.

Folks seemed happy, giving her rave reviews on twitter. One attendee said she was awesome, despite feeling under the weather.

Doja Cat wore this sheer leotard and chaps to match. Are you feeling her get up? What about these vocals??? Hit play to see all angles of her show to judge.

Are YOU entertained?

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