Malaysia Airlines revives MH campaign to mark Malaysia Day

KUALA LUMPUR: As the nation celebrates Malaysia Day today, Malaysia Airlines is reviving its Malaysian Hospitality (MH) campaign that made its debut in 2013 to deliver a seamless travel experience all the way.

The thrust of the MH campaign is to “treat our customers as we would treat our guests to our own homes,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Capt. Izham Ismail.

This comes on top of a massive “digital journey” that the national airline embarked on since 2016 ahead of gearing up the whole Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) on the digital transformation, he told Bernama.

Capt. Izham said over the past few years, MAB had been addressing aggressively a lot of breakages in customer experience and this resulted in the airline now getting more compliments than complaints from customers.

“Kudos to my team of 13,000-strong who have embraced the need for us to drive customer experience.

“The seriousness of this was even taken a few steps further when we established a new division called Customer Experience connecting all the touchpoints that we need to deal with our customers,” he said.

It is also based on the belief that the differentiator of Malaysia Airlines and its peers and competitors lies in the fact that it represents Malaysia and Malaysians as warm, respectful and humble, people.

“Being genuine, efficient and progressive and being modern at the same time but not forgetting our values,” Capt. Izham added.

Since the start of the digital journey up to the fourth quarter of last year, the airline's Customer Satisfaction Index has moved up five per cent to 76%, but it's work in progress in terms of managing flight delays and disruptions.

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It also has embarked on delivering even better in-flight food quality via the best of Malaysian menu.

“But the most important thing, apart from the focus on customer experience, Malaysia Airlines also continues with our digital journey which we strongly believe is the future of the marketplace where customers would like to have more control of their plans,” the CEO said.

For this, the airline has upgraded its website besides adding new applications such as MHMobile, MHFeedback and MHChat as well as its most recent platform called “Malaysia Airlines on WhatsApp” under which customers when purchasing tickets online would get confirmation through WhatsApp.

“We will further develop this platform where you will get a notification on flight cancellation, retiming, delays, gate numbers and many more features.

“MHChat is also where we have interactions with our customers. But if there are questions which are more detailed, there will be a human intervention that picks up the conversation and tries to resolve our customers' needs and wants, ” Capt. Izham said.

It is the fifth airline in the world and the first in Malaysia to launch this while a few more applications are expected to be introduced for this year alone.

Malaysia Airlines is also developing digital integration between its service providers such as caterers and beefing up baggage handling and fuel efficiency as part of some 43 initiatives for this year aimed at cost savings.

“Our aspiration is for you to enjoy the same experience with the same fare very close to a budget airline but with a premium experience,” Capt. Izham said. — Bernama

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