Mother disowns son after 14 years of being harassed by loan sharks

KUALA LUMPUR: A mother has decided to disown her son after being harassed by loan sharks over his debts for the past 14 years.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, its head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said the woman, who only wants to be known as Ng, believes her son, Chiow Chee Son, 36, started borrowing from loan sharks around 2004 after getting addicted to gambling.

“This year in July, his mother paid more than RM16,000 to settle four loans, and yet Ng received another call from a loan shark on Tuesday.

“The loan shark claimed that her son had borrowed another RM2,000, and demanded that she pay up RM10,000 to cover his debts,” Chong told a media conference at Wisma MCA today.

Ng added that her family had paid more than RM50,000 to settle his debts with other loan sharks.

She also pleaded to loan sharks not to harass her and her family anymore.

“I got nothing to do with Chiow anymore,” she said.

Her son had also signed and acknowledged the letter, with his aunt acting as a witness.

The department's legal adviser, James Ee Kah Fuk, who was also present during the media conference, explained that while there was no legal procedure for the separation of a parent and child, the letter could be used as a notice for the loan sharks and her son.

“But as far as one is concerned, there's no legal procedures for a separation between a parent and a child or between siblings. This is based on my observation and experience,” Ee said.

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Ng also filed a police report on Tuesday to ensure her safety.

Chong said the loan shark situation in the country has not improved.

“Only half a month has passed, and I have already received 21 loan shark cases involving about RM2 million,” he said.