Mahathir: I must be greater than Trump to put words in their mouths

SERDANG: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pix) said he must be greater than US president Donald Trump in a witty and sarcastic response to businessman Low Taek Jho's accusation of Mahathir “putting words in the mouth” of US authorities.

Mahathir said he is proud that he is able to put words into the mouth of the US government.

“I am proud that I could put words in the mouth of the US government. I must be greater that Donald Trump,” he said at an art exhibition dedicated to him here today.

“He can ask the authorities whether I put words in their mouth. I typed out the words properly, and I shoved them down their throat. So, he should accept that,” he added.

Earlier today Low's spokesperson accused Mahathir of “putting words into the mouth” of the US Department Of Justice, adding that: “These repeated misstatements by Malaysia are embarrassing the US, which has stressed it has no involvement in the illegal seizure of the vessel and will update the US court on Aug 17.”

The prime minister, the statement read, had once more showed that proper legal process has no place in the Mahathir regime.

“The US hasn't proven anything. The truth is this: the US filed unproven allegations in a civil forfeiture complaint more than a year ago – then halted the proceedings before any party had any meaningful chance to respond.

“It is clear that the Mahathir regime has no interest in a fair and just legal process. His hijacking of established and long-running legal proceedings in other countries involving those governments (such as the United States) in the Equanimity matter prove this beyond any doubt.”

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This comes after Malaysian authorities had seized Jho's luxury super yacht that was allegedly purchased with monies from 1MDB.

The Equanimity had been the subject of a custody battle between the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Indonesia after the former had filed a civil forfeiture suit on the US$250 million vessel last year.


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