26-year-old woman found murdered

Police conduct investigation at the crime scene.

SIBU: A 26-year old woman was found murdered at a house at Jalan Tiong Hua here at about 3pm this afternoon.

Nurnia Azalea Priscilla Edward from Kanowit, and working with the National Registration Department, had both her hands tied behind her back when she was found.

It was not immediately known whether she suffered from any injuries.

Her colleague sensed something not right when the victim did not turn up for work today.

The colleague rushed over to her house when she did not pick up the phone and discovered that she had died.

It was learnt that the victim was just married end of last year.

It was also learnt that she had been staying alone at a rented house most of the time as her husband was working in Tatau.

Police, upon notification of the crime, rushed over to the scene to conduct investigation.

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