Kudos to HKL

I WAS admitted for a surgery in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on July 5.

While my family and I were understandably worried, the doctors and staff were truly exemplary in allaying our fears.

I am so touched by the wonderful service they gave the patients.

Dr Murali who performed my surgery was such a humble, punctual, and caring person.

He answered all the questions raised by my family politely and even encouraged us to clear any doubts we may have had.

All the staff were extremely caring and this was never more evident when one of the nurses said a prayer as she lifted me out to wheel me to the operating theatre.

When a patient who is under strenuous pain are treated in this way, believe me, half the battle is won for us.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Dr Muraly and his entire team for their selfless and caring attitude.

Thank you,

M Mariappan

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