Water supply issue in Bau causes elected rep to attend DUN sitting without taking shower

Datuk Henry Harry Jinep

KUCHING: A government backbencher told the august House today that he did not have shower before being present at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting due to water supply issue in Bau.

Dato Henry Jinep (PDP-Tasik Biru) said the water supply problem is affecting not just his constituency alone but the entire Bau district.

“I came to DUN without my shower. Bau? (Does it smell?)… what to do,” he said when posing a supplementary question to Assistant Minister of Water Supply Datuk Liwan Lagang.

Henry requested for a status of the RM20 million allocation that had recently been announced by the Chief Minister to address the water supply problem in Bau.

In a response, Liwan lauded Henry for being a passionate elected representative in dealing with the water supply issue in Bau.

The assistant minister said the Tasik Biru man would even ring him up when he was having some intimate moments with his wife.

Liwan quickly added that his ministry would look into the water supply issue raised by the member of the House, adding that his minister’s wife also hails from Bau.

He informed Henry that the state Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) is going to host a workshop on July 19 to address various issues.

“JBALB will discuss how to use the allocation of RM20 million during the workshop. JBALB will call you (Henry),” added Liwan.

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