FT Minister Khalid emphasises three principles for best government service delivery

LABUAN: Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad today emphasised three principles for all ministry, department and agency officers to focus on in the government delivery system for the development of Labuan.

The first principle, he said, was for all government department and agency heads and the management team of Labuan Corporation to fully support the efforts to develop Labuan so that it achieved its vision of being a developed federal territory.

The second was to see no more politicking in the government administration and the third was to have zero tolerance for corruption and power abuse in any form or manner in the government administration, he said at a press conference after attending a briefing on the development of Labuan and meeting department and agency heads, here.

On politicking, Khalid said, “every one of us has the right to choose our respective political parties, but we must leave the politicking at the entrance of our offices as we enter our offices to start our duty of being a government servant”.

As for the zero tolerance for corruption and power abuse, he said: “The newly-formed government was elected by the people with a clear message, which is to see a transparent and clean government administration, with no corruption elements that have impacted badly the people's wellbeing.”

“I have emphasised that these three principles be accepted and agreed upon by all the government heads here. If all can agree, we will see no issues in the government administration and in the efforts to develop Labuan.

“I'm not from Labuan, but I'm committed to seeing that the Federal Territory of Labuan is developed, thus eliminating the perception that Labuan has been sidelined despite its elevation in the early days (into a federal territory) being joyful but the development not at par and not as planned earlier,” he said.

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Khalid said some of the department and agency heads had highlighted various development-related issues at his meeting with them.

“I listened to the issues and I would like them to forward the issues with recommended solutions,” he said.

He said it was important for Labuan to be less dependent on the oil and gas sector to drive its economy and embrace new economic sectors as the island's economic pillar.

Asked about the possibility of a restructuring of the ministry's agencies, Khalid said the exercise would be done if there was a need.

“At the moment, no decision has been made on the restructuring, but, what is important is that appointments must be based on merit. If there have been appointments purely on political consideration and they have not been able to give a meaningful contribution to the Labuan Corporation or any of the agencies, obviously they will have to leave.

“Every appointment must have a clear objective. No more politicking, that is vulnerable as rewards like gifts merely for gaining support. We want a professional approach in the local authority administration,” he said. — Bernama

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