Newly-wed Filipina bludgeoned to death in sewage hole in Labuan

LABUAN: A recently married Filipina with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) status was bludgeoned to death and her body dumped in a makeshift sewage hole at her marital home in Kampung Kiamsam Lama.

Siti Ratna Enok, 24, whose face was wrapped with a towel had sustained wounds on the forehead, neck and chin in what appeared to be consistent with blows inflicted by a hammer.

It is learnt that of late, the young bride had marital problems with her compatriot husband and had confided her problems to her family.

Labuan police chief, Muhammad Farid Ahmad said initial police investigations revealed the victim has married just eight months ago.

He said a blood-stained hammer, believed to be the murder weapon, was found near the sewage hole located in the kitchen of the squatter house at the UNHCR-sanctioned settlement for Filipinos.

He believed Siti Ratna was bludgeoned to death with the hammer between June 18 and yesterday.

Muhammad Farid said last night, Siti Ratna's father who became increasingly concerned when there was no sign of her over the past two days, went to the house, only to find it locked.

As there was a stench emanating from inside the house, he became suspicious and forced open the door.

Heading towards the kitchen, the man stumbled upon his daughter's body which was submerged in the makeshift sewage hole.

“We dispatched a police team to the scene of the crime, following a report lodged about 10.30pm,” said Muhammad Farid, adding that Siti Ratna's family last saw her with her husband, Faizal Gabir, also 24, on June 18.

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He had the police had sought the victim's husband, whose had since been missing, to facilitate investigations into the murder. — Bernama

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