Mavcom needed to protect air travellers, says Gani Patail

PETALING JAYA: False accusations have been levelled at the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) in recent social media posts and articles in the media, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said today.

He said the independent body is needed to protect consumers and passengers when their rights are violated.

The former member of the steering committee to set up Mavcom said it is an independent self-sustaining regulator that does not in any way have an impact on the cost incurred by the government nor the size of the government.

“One of the main reasons Mavcom came into being was because the civil aviation landscape was evolving at an accelerated pace. There was also an urgent need to ensure that consumer protection and the rights of passengers were made a priority and would not fall through the cracks,” he said in a statement.

“The largest beneficiary from Mavcom's establishment is the travelling public. As an independent regulator, Mavcom has been entrusted with the responsibility to provide a mechanism for the protection of consumers in the civil aviation industry in Malaysia.

“Today, travellers who fly can rest assured be it automatic add-ons by airlines, post-purchase price increase of tickets, flight delays or even damaged baggage, you can go to Mavcom with your complaints.

“Your complaints have to be responded to within a set timeframe of seven days and resolved within 30 days. There is no longer a need to rely on the mercy of commercial entities or being unsure of exactly when conflicts can be resolved.”

He expressed confidence that consumers who have engaged Mavcom with their grouses will attest to the importance of having an independent Commission to intercede on their behalf.

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“For passengers to contribute RM1 only when departing from a Malaysian airport seems like a sound investment for peace of mind,” he said.

“Moreover, passengers using the Rural Air Services (RAS) in Sabah and Sarawak are exempted from this charge. I cannot emphasise enough the need for Mavcom.”

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