Milo disputes report that it contains excessive sugar

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian household name for chocolate milk brand, Milo, is in itself a “balanced diet” and does not contain excessive sugar as reported, according to Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad senior nutritionist Nurul Iliani Ahmad.

She said Milo in its powder form contains milk, malt, cocoa and sugar. Consumers are encouraged to prepare Milo drinks with powdered milk and/or water.

“With reference to media reports pertaining to the benefits and nutritional value of Milo, we have outlined the core facts surrounding Malaysia's favourite brand,” Nurul Iliani said in a statement today.

Concerning the sugar content in Milo, she said the recommended preparation is to add five teaspoons of Milo powder into 200ml of hot water, in which the serving contains only 6% sugar.

“Out of this 6%, 3% is natural sugar (from milk and malt) and 3% is added sugar.

“The 40% sugar shown on the label refers to Milo powder before water is added. When added with 200ml water, the sugar content is 6% of the total drink,” Nurul Iliani said.

The issue about Milo's nutritional value erupted soon after entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani recently uploaded a video, pointing out that Nestle had specified that there was 40g of sugar for every 100g of Milo powder.

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